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   Requirements From Client Side

To enable our web developers to bring out a result oriented site, the client's cooperation is necessary in providing all facts and figures in addition to all related materials to be incorporated in the site. We request our valued customers to supply the following so that we can design a web site for them to their satisfaction, successfully ensuring the desired returns:


  • Logo as depicted in
    a. Business / Visiting Card
    b. Letter Head
    c. Any other source
  • Brochures
  • Photographs
  • Brief on the purpose of having the website
  • Target Audience: whom the website addresses?
  • Company Profile
    a. Date of incorporation, by whom and similar details
    b. Type of company [proprietary, partnership, private or public limited etc.]
    c. Name of the founder[s], promoter[s], partner[s], director[s], adviser[s] etc.
    d. A brief sketch of the above elaborating their qualifications and experience in the field
    e. Vision & Mission
    f. Hierarchy of the Company: Board of Directors, Top executives etc.
    g. Number of employees
    h. Future plans
    i. Clientele and third party endorsements, Certifications
    j. Product range [Details with photographs] / Processing [in case of manufacturing unit]
    k. Services [in case of service oriented business/ industry- details and nature of services]
  • Details of client's preference such as:
    a. Colour combination of the design [particular house colour if any]
    b. Particular font style for the name of the company as used in the business card or letter head (fonts required in case of copyrighted fonts).
    c. Identical or different homepage and subsequent inner pages
    d. Should the home page be concept oriented according to the nature of business or in a general appealing format
    e. Number of pages
    f. If animations [gif /flash] in respect of the logo, name of the company etc are required.


Animations consume more downloading time.

Flash animations require flash player provided on the viewer's browser.

‘Order Form’ has to be duly signed and seal affixed by the client and 50 percent of the amount shall be paid in advance. The rest shall be paid while approving the final output scheduled for uploading.


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