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When you type in any domainname.com, there is a process that has taken place in order to make this possible.

First, someone had to have decided to have their own domain name. Domain names can be purchased at any number of Domain name registrars. Webtechx is one among the first line registration authority for domain names.

Secondly, someone had to have the know-how to create the pages and publish them on the web. Web site creation can be very simple or extremely complicated. This depends on how complex you want your site to be.

Finally, somebody needs to have the necessary servers, server software and connection to the internet that is constant and "always on". This is where a web hosting company comes in. Our servers are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. We have servers available using 2 different operating systems, Unix and Windows NT/2000. Unix is the most popular choice for web hosting because it is extremely stable. NT is used most often for its database capabilities (you can put your Microsoft Access database on the web pretty easily) and its familiarity to many users. We also provide 24 hour toll free technical support to assist our customers when there is a problem. The way it works is you design (or hire someone to design) your web pages and save those files on your computer, then you send those files to our servers where it is immediately available for all to view on the internet under your own domain name. We are basically invisible to visitors of your pages.

Here are some recommended steps to take in order to get your own website on the internet:

  • Decide the overall goal of your site and choose a domain name.Logo/Identity

    It is important to have a good idea of what you are wanting to do with your new website before going any further.

    Is it a business site? Will you eventually want to sell products online? How will you market your service?

  • Design and host the site.

    There are various ways to design your site. All web sites use a computer file format called HTML (HyperText Markup Language). You can learn about the HTML codes or you can use what is called a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) type of HTML editing program. They are similar in nature to Word processing software such as Word 2000 or WordPerfect. One of the easiest programs to use is Microsoft FrontPage, macromedia dreamweaver. They require a web hosting company to have FrontPage extensions on their servers. We provide FrontPage extensions as a free option on all of our web hosting plans. We also provide the option of receiving a free single page site, customized with the information you provide. You can choose from 50 templates which include your company name, logo, header, and text that you provide when signing up. Your site can then be edited and expanded using a simple, web based, menu driven interface.

    With 10-15,000 web hosting companies worldwide, choosing a web hosting company can be a challenging task. Our philosophy is based on the idea that if we can provide our customers with a multitude of features at the best price and still be able to offer quality customer support, we will stand out from the rest. We believe that we have achieved this based on our high customer retention rate and reviews from our current customer ba

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